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This quote was linked to from Richard Hall’s post on [rage against] learning gain which is a collection of quotes and snippets around the metrics being used in Higher Education.

This particular quote from John Holloway just stood out in stark contrast and immediately drew me in. It’s such a deep and insightful observation on the role of money in our social structure.

And so we rage against the rule of money. Not against money itself, necessarily, because in the present society we need money to live. We rage rather against the rule of money, against a society in which money dominates. Money is a great bulldozer tearing up the world. It is an insidious force penetrating ever more aspects of our lives. Money holds society together, but it does so in a way that tears it apart.

At one stage it seemed we had pushed the rule of money back, at least in areas like health and education. It was never really so, and for a long time we have seen the progressive re-imposition of the rule of money as the prime criterion for every decision. Now money has emerged in all its arrogance. That is what makes us so angry – the government has proclaimed openly “Money is king, bow low to the king!”

Rage, then, rage against the rule of money! As long as money rules, injustice and violence prevail – money is the breach between the starving and the food, the gap between the homeless and the houses. As long as money rules we are trapped in a dynamic that nobody controls and that is visibly destroying the possibility of human existence.

Money seems all powerful, yet it is not. It is merely a form of social cohesion, and depends on our compliance. Say no, then. Do something else, do things in a different way. Refuse and create.

– John Holloway. 2011. Today’s march is a challenge to the rule of money.

Source: Today’s march is a challenge to the rule of money

Image: Paper money by Kevin Dooley shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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