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Personal Learning Graph (PLeG – pronounced ‘pledge’ (acronyms are hard)) is intended as a response to how work and life are changing due to technology and the importance of individuals owning their own learning representation.

This work on the PLeG concept from George Siemens, Dragan Gasevic & Ryan Baker connects a number of key idea and ideals that resonate with me. The first is the learners sovereignty over learning and the empowerment of the learner which the current raft of models, technologies and practices seem intent on removing. The other is to apply this outside the formal educational model and extend it into other spaces - to think about learning in a wholistic way rather than the piecemeal and segregated approach we currently use. The final is that technology is an embedded part of this, not seperate or a bolted on feature. To me this matters because in many ways it shapes the direction, purposes and principles that this technology is built upon.

Source: Personal Learning Graphs (PLeG)

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