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I wouldn’t normally link to one of Downes’ posts - seems weird to comment on commentary - but I really like that he pulled together another reference and this phrase sparked something:

Or maybe - as I think - all knowledge is tacit knowledge.

It’s a throw away line and something that you can read more in the rest of Stephen’s work but it’s quite an interesting concept. It’s one I’ve been toying around with - especially as a backlash against the idea that knowledge can be divorced from people. That by collecting snippets of people’s knowledge as bits of text and articles and then placing it into a database you’ve somehow capture that knowledge rather than just captured abstracted information. And that once you’ve accumulated enough information you’ve somehow got knowledge at your fingertips rather than it becoming something that has become so abstracted it has to be sorted, sifted and instead practice operates more like raw data.

It’s something I tried to capture in this diagram:

Knowledge/Information/Data Cycle

It’s why simply having a library or access to a library or even working in a library doesn’t make you smarter.

Source: Tacit Knowledge Acquisition and Dissemination in Distance Learning

Image: Knowledge Is Golden by Alan Grinberg CC-BY-ND

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