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I picked this post up from Daring Fireball and have to say that I feel the same as John Gruber - I can’t tell whether this is parody or not.

I read this as I am actually interesting in the concept of ditching Alternating for Direct Current. A return to localised power production via solar and wind would make sense for the more efficient DC standard and reduce the astounding amount of power wasted in transimission and conversion from AC.

So that bit was interesting. The rest is an insight into a very alternate (maybe alien) lifestyle. Some of it makes sense, but often choices seem to contradict each other and the logic seems convoluted.

Interesting adn intriguing.

P.S. - the author of the post was the inventor of the food replacement - Soylent.

Source: How I Gave Up Alternating Current

Image: Soylent Green by Bill Lile

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