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This is an incredibly important post from Audrey Watters. She weaves together a narrative that speaks to a number of issues that are coming to define education and it’s relationship with technology.

The first is about student agency:

Students have little agency when it comes to education technology — much like they have little agency in education itself.

And later she describes one of the key ideas embeded in Domain of One’s Own

it is important to have one’s own space in order to develop one’s ideas and one’s craft. It’s important that learners have control over their work — their content and their data

So why is any of this important?

“The kids came in to the class with what I would call fair and average teen tech skills,” he said. “Lots of iPods, iPads, and laptops. Lots of Facebook and Instagram. But none of them had a presence online they were in control of before this.”

When you have your identity defined by someone else you’ve essentially ceded power and control. We simply can’t be reliant on a platform or a service to provide your voice, your persona, your representation, your self. We have to reclaim control.

One point I’m particularly interested in that Audrey makes is about this concept of “digital citizeship” and how it tends to be phrased as

what students need to know in order to use technology “appropriately.”

What does “appropriately” mean? Who or what is it appropriate for?

Source: The Web We Need to Give Students

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