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Great post from Mark Drechsler on Online Organisational Networking Environments like Yammer. Having just come off a series of workshops across our campuses I’ve heard echo of the same phrases too:

  • ‘Nobody tells anyone anything around here’
  • ‘Communication is always crap in this place’
  • ‘Would have been nice if my manager had told me rather than having to hear it from the grapevine’

Yet I dont think I could ever articulate a solution as well as what Mark has put together which is essentially about building a community. It’s much less about the dos and donts and more about the why’s and hows.

  1. People need to know how to be part of the community;
  2. People need to choose to participate;
  3. People need to know how to access the right information for them; and
  4. The organisational culture needs to be one which makes peer sharing of information just as valid as ‘top down’ sharing.

I think sharing really is the key message here. Institutions and organisations have to get beyond this concept of control around information. Embrace and encourage sharing and if needed give them hints about what to share:

  • sharing updates about what you or your team have been working on;
  • sharing relevant information (including links to external articles) that are of relevance to the community; and
  • asking questions that the community might know the answer to.

Source: Legitimising the Grapevine

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