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I wanted to point to this article not for the commentary of Airbnb - but the concept Ben points to - the The Internet Revolution. I agree with this analysis partly because I can see the similarities and history repeating itself yet again. While Thompson asks

if the industrial revolution moved us from subsistence farming in the countryside to factories in cities, where might we go next?

I really wonder not about where we might go - but the inevitable dramatic social upheaval it brings with it. Why? Well because last time round it was only the landed gentry and the industrialists who actually benefitted from the change. For maybe two centuries they thrived while everyone else suffered from exploitation and deprevation. It was only over time and struggle and blood that we were able to establish anything that barely resembled a fair and equitable system. And in the last 50 years all that hard work has been undone as we return to a stratified and unequal society as a whole.

I have hope in the possibility the something like the Internet Revolution because it provides a mechanism that might herald a shift of power from centralised to decentralised. From control to autonomy in order to find that essential component of what it means to be a community.

Source: Airbnb And The Internet Revolution

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