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After constant sync issues with Apple’s Podcast app I’ve jumped over to Marco Arments Overcast. It provides a nice alternative to iTunes for browsing and finding new podcasts and it’s how I found The Web Ahead. I browsed the whole listing and cherry picked quite a few older episodes that struck my fancy.

Episode 60: Web Annotations with Doug Schepers is a fantastic listen. Doug speaks with such passion about web annotations and highlights how it is the missing link in the webs current architecture. Commenting could be replaced by a specific annotation service. And it’s this service structure that makes the topic interesting - particularly when thought of through a distributed and federated framework.

What if you were empowered to comment, highlight, note, link to, compare and discuss on any site via your own infrastructure, your own service. That instead of feeding your comments into someone else’s system (and their business model) that you were able to share and syndicate that information.

Not only is it the actual annotations that are interesting, but the threads possible to create through the web. Linking sites, pages, sections and quotes from across the web.

This all fits my layered page metaphor and making this a web standard would allow this to not only possible, but ubiquitous.

Source: Web Annotations with Doug Schepers

Image: Anotations Finnegans Wakeby Karl Steel

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