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An extremely interesting and thought provoking interview with Norman Doidge, author of The Brain’s Way Of Healing and The Brain That Changes Itself. The concept of neural plasticity is changes the way we need to conceptualise not just the brain, but biology as a whole. Its the first real demonstration that I’ve seen where complex systems are actually integrated.

I’d recommend this podcast (and by proxy the book) to anyone interested or connected to anyone dealing with neuralogical issues - strokes through to autism. It provides a reasoned argument for rethinking the way we tread these conditions.

What I got out of this talk was two important concepts:

  1. That the secret to the brain is understanding that it is an energy system. That it responds, controls, manipulates and translates energy in order for us to function.
  2. The concept of a “transducer” - a device that converts one form of energy to another form of energy.

The transducer concept is particularly important in many of the treatments that Doidge describes. By delivery energy in one from - visual, auditory, sensory - it can be converted into other energy forms. These can then “treat” the various conditions of the brain.

As an introduction this is a great listen - Doidge is engaging and enthusiastic and capable of weaving a great narrative. For me it’s also kick started some thinking around energy and this concept of the transducer, a totally new term to me, but one that I can relate a lot of things too.

Source: The Healing Brain

Image: Ask the Brain by Thomas Hawk. CC-BY-NC

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