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This is what scares me about all the predictions of AI, Automation and post-labour:

Panic over automation misses the real problem — that workers themselves are treated like machines.

Peter Frase articulates something more incidious than losing jobs:

What I fear most is not that all of our labor will be replaced with machines. Rather, like Yglesias, I worry that it won’t be — but for a slightly different reason. Again, bosses prefer workers to machines when they are cheaper and easier to control. Hence the truly dystopian prospect is that the worker herself is treated as if she were a machine, rather than being replaced by one.

This is the future that frightens me. Not the rise of the machines, but the supplication of the people.

Source: Egyptian Lingerie and the Robot Future

Image: Robots (10) by Andreas. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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